Diana Woodhouse - Biography
                   Diana Woodhouse -                                   Pianist/Singer
The following includes Diana's current and past experience as a resident performer in Australian and International venues, and her musical directing and vocal teaching history.
Westfield Doncaster
Providing weekly solo piano entertainment from September 2010 to January 2015.
Warramunga Restaurant, Waverley RSL
Providing fortnightly solo piano entertainment from May 2011 to July 2013
Spirit of Tasmania I and II
Regularly performing on these ships since 2003 to the present as a singer/keyboard player in various cover duos including “Venus and Mars” with Steve Agar,“Woodhouse and Maclaine” with Sarah Maclaine and "Mono Deluxe" during weekend day sailings
Pescare, Glen Waverley
Friday night piano/vocal entertainment from June to December 2008
Spirit of Tasmania
Regular performer in the Leatherwood Lounge as a solo singer/pianist on week long contracts from 1997 to 2002.
International Piano/Vocal Entertainment
Diana was employed as a solo pianist/singer in five star hotels and privately owned venues, performing classical, jazz, rock, musical theatre and popular music 5-6 nights per week from January 1998 to December 1999:
Semiramis Inter. Continental Hotel             
Cairo, Egypt                                                                                               
January-June 1998                                                  
Downhill Hotel                                                 
Ballina, Ireland                                            
July-August 1998                                                  
Bestastua Restaurant/Piano Bar                           
Haugesund, Norway                                                                                                   
Sept 1998                                                                 
Rainbow Hotel
Oslo, Norway
Oct 1998
Renaissance Hotel
Istanbul, Turkey
Nov 1998-Jan 1999
Maxim’s Piano Bar
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Feb 1999
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Dubai, UAE
March-May 1999
Montparnasse Piano Bar
Mykonos, Greece
June-July 1999
Salieri’s Restaurant/Piano Bar
London, UK
August 1999
Metropolitan Hotel
Dubai, UAE
Oct-December 1999
Shoestring Youth Theatre, 1988-1998
Diana held the position of resident Musical Director for this community based group for ten years.  Each project involved groups of up to 80 children and teenagers with varying skills and performing experience.  Major productions include “Fame”, “Godspell”, “Annie”, “Hair”, “Peter Pan”, “Bugsy Malone”, “Pastrana”, “The Wiz”, “Grease”, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, “Charlotte’s Web” and “Cabaret”.  Diana was also employed as Musical Director for numerous small scale productions. 
Diana's duties as Musical Director included:
- auditioning and casting
- arranging band and vocal scores
- vocal directing and coaching
- rehearsal accompanying
- hiring and directing bands
- hiring and liaising with sound technicians
- playing piano and keyboards in bands.
Diana Woodhouse Vocal Studio
Conducted private and group singing classes in her home studio from 1993 to the present. 
Hurstbridge Primary School
Taught group and individual singing classes to children from Prep to Year Six on a contract basis for four school terms in 2000.
Billanook College, 1995
Taught singing to 20 students for one term as a relieving teacher at this school.
“Voice Over Youth Singers”  1988-1989
Initiated a youth choir within the Shoestring Youth Theatre involving 30 members.  As Musical Director, Diana selected and arranged vocal parts, accompanied and coached both skilled and inexperienced young singers.  The group performed at various community events, festivals and shopping centres.
“Heidelberg Allstars”, 1995-1998
Held the position of vocal coach for this semi professional performing group of 45 senior citizens, teaching vocal technique, accompanying rehearsals and arranging and coaching harmony parts.
Merinda Callisthenics College, 1995-1997
Regularly coached children’s and teenage classes in preparation for the vocal components in competitions and display work.
Diamond Valley Dancing Academy, January 1995
Was invited to teach  group singing to a children’s class for  a Summer School
Tony Bartuccio Dancing Academy, 1992-1993
Taught group and private singing classes for five terms at this school as the required voice component of the full time Accredited Performing Arts Course.
Johnny Young Talent School, 1992
Taught singing to five groups of children for three terms, culminating in an end of year concert.
Diana is regularly engaged as a rehearsal and/or performance accompanist for AMEB examinations, school and amateur theatre productions, dancing schools and recitals. 
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